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My lovely Auntie Kris brings dessert every year for Christmas and she almost always brings my favorite – cheesecake. This year was no exception and since I’ve started dabbling in the confusing-to-me-measure-everything-precisely world of desserts thought I’d give the one she made this year a try for my buddies. Unfortunately this little experiment taught me that cheesecake is SUPER easy to make. Let’s just say my cream cheese to other food ratio is likely going to skyrocket (along with the size of my ass). Can’t wait to come up with my own twist next.

cheesecakebydana*Photo by my fabulous foodie buddy, Dana Juhasz Ardell

28 whole Oreos
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 cups melted butter
4 oz melted semisweet baking chocolate
4 packages (8 oz) softened cream cheese
1 1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cups cocoa powder
4 whole eggs brought to room temperature


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put Oreos in a food processor and grind down until fine. Mix with 1 Tbsp. sugar and melted butter then press into 9″ springform pan. Bake crust at 350 for 7 minutes then let cool. Reduce oven to 325 degrees.

Once cream cheese is at room temperature, beat with sugar until completely smooth. Beat in eggs one at a time then mix in vanilla. Pour the cream cheese mixture onto the baked crust, leaving 1 1/2 cups cream cheese mixture in the bowl. Melt baking chocolate in microwave until smooth and add melted baking chocolate and cocoa powder to the remaining mixture in the bowl and blend. Then spoon the chocolate batter over the cheesecake in the pan in whatever pattern you’d like, swirling lightly into the plain mixture (I only used part of the chocolate mixture – add a much as you want depending on how chocolaty you want it!). Tap cheesecake on counter lightly to help batter settle.

Set a roaster pan full of hot water on the bottom rack of oven then place cheesecake over the water on top rack. Bake for up to an hour, or until cheesecake is set. The cheesecake will be like a souffle, it rises and seems too moist and soft but hardens as it cools. It’s also very normal to have cracks in the top of it. Test the middle with a fork to make sure it’s fully cooked in the center then remove and let cool for an hour, then for a couple more hours in the refrigerator.

As you can see my artistic abilities are lacking as everyone thought this was bacon from a facebook post…but they sure did eat it up quickly!

This was the original recipe that it looks like we both made changes to for reference.

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