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2015 foodie bucket list – part 3


Here we are in the home-stretch of my 2015 to-do’s! The scary part is finishing SAYING I’m going to do all this, and then actually be able to get ‘er done. This post is all about treating yo’self, or treating myself, really. While I love, love, love to cook and entertain, I also love to travel, kick back and enjoy some fabulous meals at great restaurants. I’m also super lucky living in Chicago as there are just a TON of places still on my bucket list to try in my own city. So this year I hope to travel more (and eat everything along the way), and also explore more wonderful restaurants in Chicago.

So onto it then! First up, dear reader, these are certainly my aspirational travel plans. Not sure I can afford to do all of this, especially in one year, but I would really like to get to these locations sooner than later. A girl can dream, yeah?

New Orleans, LA>

This one is already booked in response to a near nuclear stress-meltdown I may have recently had. It’s good to be busy, but it’s also important to stop and smell the bourbon. I’ve been here twice before but didn’t pay as much attention to where we ate as I will this go-round (I’m pretty sure there were a few daiquiri lunches on my previous visits…) – this time I want to hit the must-EAT places. Taking suggestions!

Louisville, KY / Bourbon Country>

Speaking of bourbon…my husband loves everything whiskey and I think I love Mint Juleps so I figured what the hell – this would make a fun road trip/long weekend sometime in the spring. I hear things like fried catfish, hush puppies, and chicken fried steak are common – CHECK, CHECK and CHECK! But I also want to try this magical cheesy thing called a Hot Brown.

South Dakota>

Okay, this one is kind of out of the blue, right? I don’t care. One of my favorite buds, Sir Troy, is doing an amazing challenge for his 40th birthday trying to live forward by volunteering, learning and challenging himself to try new things. He mentioned that he wanted to do more exploring and I had a strange idea to do a road trip to South Dakota. I think we’ll do some fun hiking, eat at a lot of steakhouses, and of course catch that Mount Rushmore business. I really don’t know enough about SD, so if anyone has any tips, send ’em my way!

Drumroll please…

YOU GUYS. I have never been out of the country, not even Mexico or Canada. Dave and I have sworn up and down that this would be the year, so here’s to hoping we can stick to it. I just want to go eat all othe pasta, seafood and delicious meats. I’ll even substitute wine for my usual Bud Light. We haven’t landed on specific cities just yet, so please send any advice my way! WOO!!!

Alrighty, if there is any dough left over after all my dream vacations, I’d love to hit up these Chicago staples I have yet to try.

GT Fish & Oyster>

How in the world with my love of oysters I’ve not hit this place up yet is a mystery. Luckily I have a reservation for next week! I’ve heard it’s delicious and can’t wait to eat all the seafoods in the middle of this cold, snowy Chicago January!

Longman & Eagle>

I’m not huge on brunch but hear their fried chicken and waffles are a must-have. I’ve also heard they know their way around whiskey, so I’m excited to try their cocktails. Mmmmmmmm.

Green Street Smoked Meats>

You had me at smoked meats. Pulled pork, brisket, ribs…one of each please! Man, I should really consider that whole working out thing with this list of to-do’s.

Anywhere With Great Pho>

I’ve never had this delicious looking dish, woopsies! I’ll probably head up to Argyle street and see what looks good, but again, please send over some reco’s if you’ve got them in the Chicago area.

Alright y’all…wow, three long lists of my to-do’s – I sure have signed up for a lot. Let’s hope I can keep up with all this yummy cooking and eating. Cheers to 2015!

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