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Sir Dave and I were lucky enough to go to Maine again this year for his family’s yearly reunion on Great Moose Lake. We have traveled all around Maine, but I’ve got to take a moment here to get pretty cheesy and say there is something magical about this place in particular. The history of Dave’s family here, the scenery, the food, the wildlife, the New England beer, the fireside chats and more make this one of my favorite places to visit.

Our time there is hard to capture in a linear easy-told story because often what is best about this trip are the small captured moments – having morning coffee on the dock, hearing Dave’s dad tell stories of growing up there, seeing a storm roll in at night, grabbing a quiet moment to read on the lake and seeing the family skip stones together.

So I thought the best way to show this trip was to just show some of my favorite moments. Of course, lobsta is included.

The View:

Food & BEER:


We had such a good time, like we always do. The time spent with Dave’s family at Moose Lake is up there in my most cherished moments. Thanks to them for showing me their roots, feeding me lobster and producing one pretty darn good hubby.

Upon arrival home, we also got these super sweet hats to remember our trip. I couldn’t love them more. My advice is to find a lake, sit by it, have a beer and enjoy the moment. Happy summer all!

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