cooking inspiration: my grandma!

To keep on keeping on with my cooking inspiration interviews, I knew I had to reach out to my fabulous Grandma to get the 411 since so many of my fond memories with her revolve around FOOD.


First, here are some fun facts about my gram.

1. When I was a kid, my grandma and grandpa used to live on a farm, and one of my favorite things was helping my grandma tend to her vegetable garden. I remember her squishing all these horrifying tomato-bug-worm things like it was nothing. I remember thinking, “my grandma is kind of a badass.”


2. My grandma is the QUEEN of desserts. I don’t even really love desserts, but every pie or cake she’s ever made, has literally been the best pie or cake I’ve ever eaten. She also loves eating desserts. See Exhibit A:


3. My mom said that she and my Aunt Kris used to beg Grandma to make “big puffy fritters” on Saturday mornings and that they’d dip them in Karo syrup while watching cartoons. Here’s mom and Grandma at her 3rd birthday, so freaking cute.

4. My grandma has taught me a lot over the years – how to fish, how to make homemade blueberry ice cream, how to get deals at garage sales, and of course, how to craft.

5. When I was a kid I would always ask my grandma if she was littering when she threw an apple core out the window of the car. She said, “no, I’m planting apple trees.”


Alright, enough from me, time to hear from Grandma!

First, how awesome is it that you are on Facebook? Do you love it?
Love Facebook, spent all day today and past weeks playing on it. Love to gamble online for fun, doesn’t cost me anything. On a page now where I’m playing with 2 million dollars – that’s 2 million, Annie. I also love keeping up with family on Facebook and always put in my 2 cents worth of advice and never get paid for it.
*For context, this is the type of post I get tagged in by Grandma – we’re very similar!


You are still working, selling your handmade jackets at craft shows, how DO you do it?
Not working much as I have two big closets full of jackets that I made this winter. Have lots cut out ready to sew. I’m busy playing on Facebook – Ha!


I know your favorite thing is finding a deal – what’s the BEST deal you’ve ever scored?!
I never buy anything (hardly) that’s not 50% off, but the best deal ever was gambling at the boat when I won big on a penny machine.


What is your favorite recipe to make & eat?
Don’t think I have a favorite one, but loved making cakes – was good at it too. I would make a chocolate cake, usually on a Sunday, and take half of it to the Smith’s next door – then some Sundays Ed Smith would make a cake and send us half.
*Note to my Chicago pals, why are we not into this cake swap thing? This is genius.

What was a typical dinner you and Grandpa liked to make?
Don usually cooked steaks outside and I did potato salad and the vegetable – and always cheesy breads and dessert. That was pretty standard.

What is one item you always have in your fridge?
Eggs, because you can do so much with them.

Is it true that when you make a dessert for someone else, you make one for yourself too?
Don’t remember doing that, so who is making up stories Annie? I always tell the truth!
*I will continue to hunt down the origin of this family fable!

I know you used to go camping with Grandpa, Mom and Aunt Kris – what were some staples you guys cooked when at camp?
Camping was fun – really small trailer but had four burners to cook on. I made chicken and noodles with dumplings for the first time and still make it today. We also always had fish, because we’d catch them.



How come when you made me hot chocolate as a kid, it tasted better than when anyone else made it?
Must have been the love I stirred into it because it was just Swiss Miss mixture, or maybe all the marshmallows on top.

What is something your mom made that you loved to eat?
Food is food. My mom was a good cook, nothing fancy. I remember her Swiss Steak was the best and her JELLO SALADS. She made good biscuits from scratch – didn’t even have a recipe – she said you go by the feel (I chose Bisquick, can’t fail).


That’s a wrap! Thanks Grandma for taking the time to answer all my questions. I really am going to attempt to make one of her cake recipes without messing it up. Wish me luck!


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  1. Annie, you are such a good writer. Loved the article. Where did you get all my pictures? Your mom must be cleaning out her closets.

  2. I love this post, Annie! I see a lot of your grandma in you. Strong beautiful women!

    You’re so lucky to still have your grandma in your life. I lost mine when I was 14. I could eat her cabbage cold out the refrigerator and I still loved the way she made buttered and jelly toast. She cut them into squares… my mama always cut the toast into two triangles. Rice Krispies were always better at grandma’s house! Thanks for bringing up wonderful memories of her. πŸ™‚

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