Well, next to food & drink, home & garden are probably my other two favorite words. We just bought our first house about three years ago and as I mention in the very self-indulgent About Me page – it’s my favorite place to be. I nerdily await my Better Homes & Garden and Good Housekeeping mags every month with actual real excitement. I’d say I’m pretty happy with my slide into middle-age cozy-home-focused behaviors. ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s been fun and crazy to learn about the ups and downs of home-ownership (oh, hey mr. squirrel – maybe you could NOT live in our walls?) – but luckily it’s been almost all ups.

Ultimately I’d love to build this part of my blog out to be more robust. It’s not that I’m an expert in any of it – but I have had a blast learning, failing, trying again, kicking ass at some things (un-froze my pipes during -50 chicago winter!), and struggling in other areas where you all could probably give me some advice (seriously, why are my green peppers not growing)!?

So welcome to our home! I’m excited to share a little more outside of the kitchen with y’all.

Check out my first couple o’ posts below and stay tuned for MUCH more!