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2015 foodie bucket list – part 1


Alright so I know it’s the time for resolutions and all, but I absolutely hate the idea of quitting anything – I love beer, meat, and sweet indulgences. I also don’t like doing things that I just don’t want to do – surprise, right?! Maybe one day I’ll start exercising? UNTIL THEN friends, let’s march on and enjoy life through food, parties, drinks and sunshine.

I have decided that I would look forward to 2015 and challenge myself to do the following bucket list ala blog posts. And because there’s too much that I want to do I’ll be blogging my list in parts.

First up, I would love to actually like the following and understand how I can incorporate into my cooking & cocktail hour – which I will need your help with!


This is one of those darn foods that I want to like so badly. I’ve tried stuffed mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, mushroom sauces, roasted mushrooms and more. I just can’t quite wrap my taste buds around these little fungi. I feel like it must be that I haven’t landed on the perfect fall-in-love with mushroom recipe, so friends, comment below and send me your favorite mushroom laden dish if you have one!


This sure is one squishy weird vegetable, no? I’ve had it in soggy eggplant parmesan and it has snuck into a bite here and there in other vegetable medleys but I just haven’t loved it. And it’s so pretty looking! Again, help a sister out and show me your eggplant recipes, it can’t be funky all the time, right?


I can barely believe that I’m posting the picture above but it’s the only one I can find with me + wine – keep in mind this picture is 10 years old. And yes, I’m standing on a coffee table singing Journey. And why the wine AND Sunkist? Who knows, but isn’t youth grand? Anyways…I’m a beer drinker, through and through. Bud Light is my jam – I know it’s not some hoppy micro-brew, but I like what I like. I would however, love to finally understand what makes a good wine good. Right now red pretty much tastes like red, and white is usually too sweet for this hillbilly girl. So do you love wine? Have any reasonably priced recommendations of your favorites? I think(?) my favorite wine is pinot noir but in terms of brands, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Help this girl get fancy and comment below with some that I have to try on my quest to love and learn about vino!

With your help dear readers, I’ll try some new recipes and blog about my experiences, hopefully finally turning my “meh” into a “hell yeah.”

Next up in part 2 I’ll post about the foods I LOVE eating out but have yet to master at home…Lobster Rolls anyone?


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