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sun-dried tomato, feta and herb cream cheese bagel


Desert island? Three meals? Bagel (with a big ole’ shmear of this business), tacos for lunch, and obviously meatloaf for dinner. If it was acceptable to eat only carbs and cheese every morning for breakfast, I would. I always hit up small coffee houses that have wonderful cream cheese concoctions and figured it should be easy enough to do at home. Surprise, it is! So I threw a few of my favorite things in the food processor, and voila, delicious spread at home.

Your favorite bagel (I think anything less than “everything” is just silly)
8oz. softened cream cheese
3 sun-dried tomatoes
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
4 chives
1 tbs dill

Toss all ingredients into a food processor or blender.

Pulse the mixture several times, scraping down the sides, until well incorporated. Taste and add more herbs or cheese to your liking. Slather this yummy-ness on a bagel and start your day off with a bang.

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