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world, meet neo…or leo!


I feel like I haven’t done a great job at communicating to you all how much of an insane cat lady I am. Like, if I could move to a farm and save all the kitties, I would in a second. In fact, that may be a retirement option – I’ll tell Sir Dave that later. 🙂 We have had Olive and Mighty-Mite in our happy little home but I’ve always wanted a third kitty, as I grew up with three and it just seems like a nice number of fluffies…we’ll get back to that thought in a second.

First, how cute are Mighty-Mite and Olive?

Answer, SO CUTE.

So while our cuteness meter was off the charts, I still felt we had room to shower another kitty with some loves. My mom (another cat-lady) told me she was adopting a 7-year old cat, Sassy, from a woman who had fostered and cared for cats for years and had fallen ill so needed to place her three cats. I saw this flier and was immediately smitten with Neo.

I learned that Neo lost his back left leg as a kitten due to being entangled in a fence, the poor guy, but he was able to move around just fine. So after talking with Dave, we decided Neo had a home with us.

I popped on over to Michigan to pick him up, and was able to meet Mom’s new adorable kitty too. AND to prove I really do come from a cat-lady family, my Grandma decided she would take the third cat, Giuseppe! WHAT?! 😀

After a very meow-filled trip back home to Chicago, we slowly introduced Neo to the other cats and to his new house. To say he settled in quickly would be an understatement! He loves rubbing his face on our face, following us up and down the stairs, purring next to us in bed and sitting in the window watching the squirrels!

He is a such a good fella and we’re happy to have him join our cat-pack. So far Olive + Mighty-Mite have been very welcoming to the new guy, though Mighty-Mite is still a little hesitant and will only sneak quick sniffs of Neo’s face when he’s sleeping, then run away. I’m hopeful they’ll all be good buds with a little more time.

Ooh! Right after I wrote that, I brought them all together with the wonder of the laser pointer! We’re gettin’ there folks!

Alrighty, one final note, Sir Dave really wants to call this kitty Leo, so Leo he shall be. <3 So far Leo doesn't seem to mind. 😀

Thanks for reading my crazy cat lady post! Yay for my family of fluffies!

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