Category: Side Dishes

thanksgiving sides – all of ’em!

I typically don’t love experimentation on Thanksgiving (it’s all about yummy traditions, isn’t it?!) so I didn’t stray too far from my typical menu this year. However, I was able to try out some easy variations to my normal turkey day routine that I (and Sir Dave) ended […]

apple picking & apple sauce

As I may have mentioned, my obsession with all things FALL knows no bounds. As time is running out before winter whips into Chicago, I had to cram a bunch of autumn-y activities into one weekend. Luckily we found All Seasons Apple Orchard close to Woodstock, IL that […]

dijon & dill potato salad

I think it’s been raining now for…oh, I don’t know…EVERY DAY FOR TWO MONTHS! Chicago, what is going on!? This gloomy weather is really hindering my BBQ-party abilities and bumming me out. So I figured despite the weather I could at least be eating some of my fave […]

mac & cheese cups

It is a BEE-YOO-TI-FUL day today! Finally! Since this is some straight-up grilling weather I thought I’d share a yummy, easy side for a BBQ. While I am partial to Queen Ina’s classic mac & cheese (oof! those photos on older posts!) – I liked this recipe because […]