About Me

Hey there fabulous person! Thanks for visiting my blog! If you landed here and wondered, why meatloaf? Here’s why!

Here are some other tidbits about me, food-oriented and otherwise:

I started this blog in secret (even hid it from my hubby!) just to see if I could keep up with it as a hobby, four years later I’m still rockin’ and rolling – and yes the husband knows! I’ll try any food once. I eat tacos 4 times a week (at least).


I love hair bands of the 80’s and am dying for them all to make a come-back. I live in Chicago and picture myself here for life, except when we retire to Maine to eat Lobstas and watch the ocean when we’re oldies.


Some people think nutmeg is the best secret ingredient, I think it’s beer. I love Stephen King books and once fancied writing my own scary novel. I’m obsessed with Ina Garten (Queen Ina around these parts). I live in Chuck Taylors.

About Me Chuck Taylors

One of the best dinners I’ve ever eaten was at Avec in Chicago. I subconsciously stock my pantry in case of a zombie outbreak. I’ve had the same haircut since I was a kid.

About Me Big & Little Annie

This is one of my favorite recipes of all time – hello, there’s vodka in it. I have a pretty awesome husband, Sir Dave that convinced me we should get a smoker, okay well two smokers (best decision ever.)

I am not ashamed of my love of Taco Bell & Tombstone pizzas. I have two adorable kitties – Mighty Mite and Olive (who I sometimes call Pickles).

About Me Mighty Mite & Olive

British mystery marathons are my downfall, time-suck-wise. A mound of cheese is one of my favorite things to eat for dinner. I love Halloween more than my birthday.

I have a new love of travelling, even if its just finding a cabin in the woods and sitting in front of a fire.


I’ve had so much fun cooking, writing, and fumbling around with a fancy camera for this blog. I absolutely love going back to old family recipes and trying out new wacky ones and I look forward to sharing more tasty treats, messy & meaty dishes and fancy cocktail recipes.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the interwebs! Let’s get to cookin’!

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  1. Great blog Annie! You are open, nice and friendly =). Hope all your dreams will come true. And i will wait new recipes from you.

    Best Regards,

  2. Always knew you were special. Glad you escaped when you did. I’m looking for a hole in the fence myself. Love your site. Advertisers are knocking on your door.

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