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my whimsical office

As a break from recipes, I thought I’d post a more personal note and show y’all where I like to write my blogs. Dave and I moved into our new home last June, and though my office is the smallest room in the house, I gave it the most love and attention since it’s mine all mine! I wanted to make this space filled with reminders of all the things I love, I wanted it to have eclectic decor and of course it had to have some wacky flair.

I hope you dig taking a little peek into my creative space. I’d love to know where do you all like to write or have a quick moment of zen. 🙂


One of my favorite things about my office is my picture wall, if you had to sum me up in pictures – this wall pretty much does just that. I’ve got some space-y art for my love of sci-fi, a Stephen King quote, a Twin Peaks embroidery, some cat art, a Bob Seger song lyric, a snap of Budapest, a Maine lighthouse and more.




One of my favorites is this adorable little mini Dave & Annie that my friend Adie made for us for Christmas years ago.


I also hid a couple small treasures in my picture wall, like my very own little Taylor Zitman sculpture.


Since I also love to read, surrounding myself with books I’ve read (many of them several times) as well as my much-loved Stephen King first editions (nerd alert!) gives me happy vibes.


I even framed my alien pancake that I made for the relaunch of the X-Files that got re-tweeted by the actor who played Skinner! Woo!


My Nana used to collect these little figurines that came with Red Rose tea. I remember playing with them by the fireplace in her family room when I was a wee tot, so I love the sweet memories this little monkey takes me back to.


My dad passed away about a year and a half ago and I was given his Notre Dame college ring that I saw on his finger for my whole life. It means a lot to me to have it, so I had to place it in a cherished spot on the top shelf by some photos of us smiling, laughing and being wacky, which is just how I like to remember him.


The always smiling Mighty-Mite cat likes to hang out in my office too. In this snap he is parading around on my fabulous, custom-built desk that Sir Dave built for me. He’s a keeper, that one.


My lovely desk art comes courtesy of my lovely Ma, I guess she knows me pretty well? But it also reminds me of my Grandma since I first heard this word uttered during a particularly difficult wallpapering moment from Gram in the early 80’s. 😀


I also have this nifty gold desk snake, which no one seems to like, but me. I’ve named him Stan.


My friends Cara & Megan got Dave and I this cool stained glass eye that is so beautiful when the sun sparkles through it.


And just when I thought my little office was complete, I got this surprise gift in the mail from my best pals Dana & Shane! This awesome art comes from a local Chicago tattoo shop and I absolutely adore it.


Alright dudes, that’s a little view into my world! To sign off, I’ll leave this photo of me trying to play it cool as if I’m not taking my own photo. 🙂 Cheers!