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lemonade vodka spritzer with basil

Happy weekend everybody! I wanted to throw this super easy cocktail up on the blog before the weekend kicks into high gear. Summer is about to get crazy busy for us – in all the fun, beer-y, sunshine-y, summer-lovin’ kind of ways. It’s Pride Parade weekend in Chicago, so we’ve got a lot of parties to attend and celebrating to do. Then next weekend we’ll be hitting Ribfest (my holy day), followed by 4th of July BBQ’s, a family summer wedding shindig, some camping and so on.

I’m usually kind of a homebody, so I’m trying to sign up to get out more, accept invites and take advantage of my beautiful Chicago in the summer. I’ll keep you posted if I succeed, or if I just end up rearranging my sock drawer while watching my British mysteries. 😀

On another note, I promise – the drink is coming right up – Sir Dave and I are celebrating our first anniversary of owning our first home. Having our own house is what has led me to be a bit of a homebody – I’m a nerd for decorating, have taken up gardening and even like cleaning. Who am I!? Anyhoo, here’s a picture of us on our porch selfie-ing and grinning with happiness that we didn’t mess up anything too badly in year one.

Alright – onto some dranks! I whipped this up for a party I threw recently and the party people seemed to love it. I hope you give it a go!

2 parts lemonade
1 part vodka
1 part soda water
squeeze of fresh lemon per drink
1 sprig fresh basil per drink

I made this cocktail in a big batch – with 3 liters of lemonade, so I added 4 large sprigs of basil and the juice of one whole lemon, but you can certainly make just one or a couple with the above ratios. Simply stir everything together, muddle the basil a bit, toss in some ice and enjoy! YUM!

Have a great weekend all! Cheers!

13 thoughts on “lemonade vodka spritzer with basil

  1. I have meager bartending skills, but I could actually make this. I’m thinking maybe this weekend… Thank you for sharing and enjoy your summer!

  2. Love this recipe for a cocktail – have just pinned it on Pinterest, will credit you!
    As someone who has been married (to the same chap) for 41 years, after reading your blog post I think it sounds as if you guys are set fair for a long and happy life together! The first year is often the hardest as one has to make so many adjustments, domestically, romantically, financially ….and dealing with one another’s families. My mantra when I was first married was ‘Start as you mean to go on’, and then after a while it changed to ‘Never give up’! Ups, downs, rows, bliss are all grist to the marriage mill. Who would have thought that me (a South African gal) would marry a Scotsman in London, live there almost 35 years, have two kids, then in my 60s move with ‘him-indoors’ to live in China?? Isn’t life fascinating?
    You both have wonderful times ahead of you, make the most of every moment. I wish you both well.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! We’ve actually been together for 15 years and married for 10, but we just bought our first house in Chicago a year ago. ☺ Your story sounds lovely, what an adventure you’re on! Cheers to you as well!

      1. And my wording was not very clear in the post, so I could see how you thought it was our first anniversary – I updated. ☺ but your advice still rings true in year 15!

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