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Despite Christmas falling on the same day every darn year, it seems to sneak up on me every time. I’m not even close to done with shopping for Christmas gifts, I haven’t done any holiday baking, and Christmas cards have not been sent – since when I ordered them I had them accidentally shipped to an apartment I haven’t lived at in two years. Woopsie! So if any of y’all are in the same slightly hectic boat I’m in, I thought I’d share some last-minute gift ideas for the foodie in your life! A lot of these are things that I have been gifted – and have just absolutely loved, so I promise these gifts will bring a smile to the face of your giftee! 😀

Foodie Ornaments
I’m of the mindset that you can never have enough ornaments, so when our friends Paul + Jeff gifted us lovely taco and cheeseburger ornaments, I squealed with delight. I’m always a fan of finding gifts like this at local boutique shops, like Foursided in Chicago – but you can find adorable foodie ornaments on Amazon + Etsy too!

Tea Towels
My other great pals, Jim + Justin, gave us these hilarious kitchen towels this year. Of course, they are totally my jam. I love that this is a gift you can give with a personal twist. I found this specific brand online – Twisted Wares, but you can find these pretty much everywhere.

Grocery Gift Card
Jim + Justin tend to go overboard with the gifting (I’m not complaining) 😀 – so they also gave us a gift card to Whole Foods. It was such a lovely surprise and gave Dave and I an excuse to do something a little more fancy than usual – so prime rib it was! Anyone who loves to cook or bake will appreciate this gift – it made menu planning and shopping a little more exciting.

Friend’s Businesses
I don’t know about you all, but I am surrounded by such talented friends and family, so I love to try and spread their talents via gifts whenever I can. Katrina over at Baking with Soul also runs Pottery with Soul so I was thrilled to snag this beautiful mug for a certain someone.

And while these adorable little bags may not be foodie related, I have to share them with you guys. My friend Maddi started making these recently and I can’t stop buying them! Such cute patterns and so many uses. Check out her current patterns for purchase here.

Baked Goods in Holiday Pyrex
Last but not least, I fell in love with these adorable decorated Pyrex storage containers. They’re perfect for gifting homemade cookies and treats. This year my plan is to make my chocolate cookies with pretzels and sea salt and my chai-spiced sugar cookies to stuff these with and gift.

Alright, I have to get off the interwebs and finish all of my holiday to-do’s! Hope everyone’s having a great holiday season!

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  1. I love every single thing in every single photo! I’m disastrously behind in my holiday preparations myself, but am really glad I spent time here reading. Merry, merry!

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