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travel blog: puerto vallarta, mexico

Well I have just simply fallen in love with Mexico. It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve been back from our vacation and I often find my mind drifting back to the beautiful views, incredible food and tasty cocktails we experienced while in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. This trip was really one of the best we’ve ever taken, so I’m excited to share it with you, even if it’s just for me to relive it a bit. 😀 So off we go!

We ended up heading to PV because our wonderful friend Jim invited us down for his birthday celebration – how cool is that? My next birthday in Rome, anyone? The birthday boy stayed at an incredible villa, and we stayed just down the street in a lovely VRBO that was in such a cool building and had an amazing rooftop, I mean – move me IN.

Nearly minutes after throwing our suitcases down at our place, we headed over to the villa to meet up with the gang. Here’s me with Sir Jim. <3

And here’s some posing – photo compliments of the one and only Mr. Michael.

Sir Dave was right at home, immediately.

As if the breathtaking view and fabulous company wasn’t enough – the food was EPIC. Justin, who planned this whole shebang for his wonderful partner Jim, booked a chef to come in and make incredible meals each night. The first night we had amazing Mahi Mahi, Chicken with mole and enough sides to make your head spin. I nearly licked my plate.

Can we talk about this freaking mole? Doesn’t it look like a perfect velvety blanket of magic over that chicken? How did y’all like that description? Why hasn’t the New York Times called me up to write food reviews yet? 😂

After we stuffed ourselves, Dave and I headed back to our place with the intention of going home but we may have taken a detour to go to margarita town and eat some street tacos. Hey, it just happens.

The next morning we were up and at ’em and of course ready to eat again. Our friend Grant said that the Hotel Tropicana had a great breakfast and stunning views, so we tried it out and he was right on.

While I’m normally not a mimosa drinker, they were a special kind of delicious in Mexico, so I had one nearly every day. Nothing in moderation is my motto.

Since I’m addicted to chilaquiles, there was no question as to what my first breakfast would be. Chips, beans, spicy sauce, eggs, cheese? Hell YES.

After breakfast it was time to hit the beach, because I’m all about eating a pound of frijoles and then strapping on a bikini. I showed up to the beach with this sweet shark boogie board that I purchased solely to carry around and look cool with. Did it work?

Dave boogied quite well.

After all the sunning and relaxing, we were hungry…yes, again. We decided to try out Tacos Revolucion and it was fantastic. I had a mojito, one of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had, and a tasty pastor, pineapple and kinda burned on purpose cheese tostada situation. We loved everything.

We spent the rest of the day bopping around town and hanging with the guys. We had another fabulous dinner prepared by the chefs at the villa and watched the sunset through some fairly corona-blurred eyes.

And just like that, we were onto our last full day in PV before just Dave and I headed to Mexico City. I got up early to watch the sunrise and enjoy my creepy book on our beautiful balcony. I just love a good juxtaposition, don’t you?

Once I got Sir Dave up we were off to breakfast at Coco’s Kitchen which was great. Strong coffee and strong mimosas.

I had an omelet with chorizo that was spicy and delicious. I mean, no big whoop, but it was yummy and I took this picture, so ya know, here ya go. 😀

Once we were caffeinated and stuffed to the gills we decided to walk around town and do some exploring. I really was in awe of the gorgeous flowers, the architecture, and the art that we seemed to find around every corner. Fleeing Chicago in February to visit this vibrant city was a pretty nice plan I wouldn’t mind repeating yearly.

We also ventured into Mundo de Cristal which was a fun shop with hand painted ceramics, tiles and more.

I brought this cute little bowl home to fill with my mediocre guac. I wish I had had more room to bring things back with me, because I could have gone pretty bananas in this shop buying up a little of this, that and everything.

As our walk was winding down we grabbed Justin and decided a cocktail was in order, so we hit up a bar on the beach. While it was an absolute tourist trap, holy yum, was this a good pina colada. 😀

It was so good actually, that we got one to go so we could keep on sipping in the pool. I’d say we were having a pretty rockin’ day.

As day turned into night, the whole gang headed to La Palapa – a restaurant right on the beach, to have a lovely birthday dinner for Jim. The food was fantastic and the company was even better. We adore Jim so much and felt very lucky to be included on this trip to celebrate his b-day, the sunshine, my new love of pina coladas and shark-printed things. Cheers to a great year ahead Jim!!

Alright…just when you thought we couldn’t squeeze any more food into our time in Puerto Vallarta…before we headed off to the airport the next morning, I ran up to a little bakery and grabbed a breakfast of almond croissants and quiche to eat out on our balcony. How cute is that? I’m now madly in love with almond croissants. How did I not know this is a thing?

Whew! What a whirlwind fun, crazy, epic, filling few days! Next up I’ll be posting about our second leg of the trip to Mexico City, so stay tuned for that.


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  1. So many things to say… I’m OBsessed with these photos. Omgsh all the colors. PV looks so amazing, I hope to get there someday!! I can’t believe Justin had a chef prepare dinners, that is SO fancy and sweet! I love how much fun y’all had 🤗💕

  2. Mouthwatering article :D. The food looks so yum. I missed out on trying the local cuisine during my stay there. I went for a bachelor party of my friend so we were mostly hitting the bars & clubs. Must say the nightlife is amazing in Purto Vallarta.

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