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a brief history of annie & meatloaf

I got to thinking that perhaps people land here and wonder, why Give Me Meatloaf? In all honesty, I thought I had selected the name simply because I really do love Meatloaf and I thought it represented my beer drinkin’, Midwestern, meat-eating attitude. But as I started to […]

my top five cookout must-haves

Hey all! This amazing company, Man Crates, reached out to yours truly to find out what my absolute must-haves are for a summer cookout given we’ve still got at least one more weekend to rock n’ roll outside. Man Crates has unique gifts for men, or meat/beer/whiskey loving […]

naperville ribfest 2014

Every 4th of July weekend Dave and I go to the very best Ribfest in Naperville, Illinois with our best buddies. The day is always filled with plenty of sunshine, huge fields of green grass, piles of smokey ribs, lots of cold beer, funnel cakes, fried oreos, terrifying […]