drink edition: vodka gimlet

I used the sun being out as a good enough reason to make a fabulous summery cocktail in the middle of the day, YOLO, ammiright? A refreshing, fruity vodka gimlet is one of my favorite go-to’s during the summer and we usually have everything on hand. I rarely follow the classic recipe, which includes simple syrup because I like mine tart – but to make simple syrup just boil 1/2 cup water & 1/2 sugar, simmer until sugar is dissolved and cool and toss in about 1 part to the recipe below. Cheers!


1 part vodka
2 parts soda water
dash of rose’s lime juice
juice of half a lime
sliced lime for garnish
2/3 ice cubes


All you have to do is place the ice cubes in the bottom of a rocks glass, pour in vodka, soda water, fresh lime juice and top off with a splash of rose’s lime juice and stir! Bring on the summer baby!

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