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happy gotcha day scooter!

When I realized it was our cat Scooter’s 2-year anniversary of being a part of our crazy little family I thought to celebrate the occasion by sharing our experience with this funny little guy who has brought us so much joy.

If you don’t know Scooter’s origin story, he was one of three cats that needed to be adopted due to his previous cat mom unfortunately going into hospice. My mom and my grandmother adopted two of the three, leaving one guy that still needed a home – “Neo” who was an 11 year old 3-legged kitty who I feared wouldn’t get adopted.

I miraculously convinced Dave that getting a 3rd cat was a total sane thing to do, so that was that, Neo, who we renamed Leo, then finally Scooter (he’s just such a “Scooter”) landed in his forever home with us. To say he got comfortable right away would be an understatement.

To be totally honest we weren’t sure what to expect with a 3-legged cat, especially one who was on the slightly older side. So we were ready to help him around the house and treat him as a delicate little flower.

Well, that idea got tossed out pretty dang quick. This cat flies down the stairs every morning for breakfast with Mighty Mite and Olive, forming a herd that is best not to get in the way of. He isn’t afraid to pull himself up onto any surface he can reach – and if he can’t reach it, he screams at ya until you pick him up (I promise it’s cuter than it sounds)!😆

Another trait of this crazy guy is that he “hunts” socks. Yes, we may leave a dirty sock on the bathroom floor now and then. He finds them, picks them up in his mouth and starts this bizarre wailing that I can only think means “Guys, look what I hunted and killed for you!” He brings them to us and puts them at our feet, staring up at us with his big eyes looking for appreciation. Of course we deliver with big words of adoration and thanks. One time he brought three in one day. Here he is among his haul.

Oh, and once when there were no socks, he grabbed one of my t-shirts. WHAT is with this cat? Lol.

Over the last two years we’ve also watched Scooter hustle his way into the good graces of our other two cats. The Queen of the house, Olive, is still not in love with another elderly alpha being around – but Scooter knows where he stands with her. On the other hand, Mighty-Mite and Scoot definitely have a brotherly bond that is so sweet to watch as they play and chase each other and sit in the window to watch the birds.

This little guy also adores being outside. We only let him out in the fenced-in backyard, so no hopping off to another adventure (that’s how he lost his leg as a kitten)!

He rolls around on the catnip plant in the garden and loves just plopping down in the grass and sniffing the summer air.

Now, the most important thing I want you to know about Mr. Scooter is his ridiculous love for Dave. Their complete adoration of each other is both adorable and jealousy-inducing. Like, where is my mini-me in cat form? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cat so dedicated to one person, or a person to a cat. When Scooter hears Dave’s voice he perks up wherever he is and runs to him. This is him when he heard Dave’s voice from upstairs:

He butts his stinky mouth into Dave’s chin to mark him as his. Dave even has a special voice he uses just to talk directly to Scoot, and I think Scooter somehow understands him. 😂 Seriously guys – the love is real. LOL.

It’s cheesy as hell to say, but I really just couldn’t imagine our life without this little dude. He’s got personality for days, major love for us and the other kitties and just has a true spunk for life that I’m not sure I’ve come across in another furry friend.

He really is simply the best.

I really encourage anyone thinking about adopting a new pet to not rule out the older guys and gals. We truly had no idea how lucky we would feel once Scooter came into our home and just kind of brightened everything up with his silly ways and sweet demeanor. Absolutely one of the best decision’s we’ve ever made.

Alright gang, get out there and find your own Scooter! <3

3 thoughts on “happy gotcha day scooter!

  1. Rescued animals are the best. Good for you. It does take a lot to adopt an older animal, and I’d be slightly worried about the 3 legs. But he’s gorgeous, and definitely happy!

  2. What a riot!! I so enjoyed your pics. 🙂 Older animals are the best! I have often described some of my animals when someone compliments me as second hand. As in “thanks! I picked him up second hand” lol!!

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