Dave Does Bread

a love letter to bread + focaccia with giardiniera

Hey hey party people! After a brief little hiatus I’m back with an urgent report on how delicious bread is. 😂

Alright, well more so this post is about how delicious the bread is that Dave has been making following Maurizio over at The Perfect Loaf. Dave was a pretty rad bread maker prior to covid quarantine-ing but holy WOW did he really up his game during this pandemic for which I have reaped the benefits.

While I love sharing my own recipes with you guys (I promise, I do have some fun stuff on the horizon), I also love sharing people who inspire Dave and I in the kitchen, and Maurizio is for sure on the list.

Dave saw his recipe for “A Simple Focaccia” and wanted to give it a try. While he used the base of this recipe, he went ahead and Chicago-d it up with some spicy giardiniera, plenty of smoked mozzarella we smoked and froze last winter, some red onion and a shake of oregano, salt and pepper.

It was absolutely phenomenal. It was soft and pillow-y, but also had a good chew and a little perfect crunch. And…I confess…I may have also dipped it in Hidden Valley Ranch to REALLY Midwestern it up. No regrets, y’all. It was SO good. I had three pieces on the first day and hereby officially request the husband to make another one, stat. 😀

Have you guys gotten on the bread-making train as well? I’d love to hear what you’ve been making AND what you’d put on this focaccia to make it your very own?

Be back soon guys! Cheers!

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