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favorite eats in chicago

The lovely folks over at opentable.com asked if I would write a post about some of my fave local spots to hit up in Chicago. I was excited to do so because I do use OpenTable constantly (who wants to wait!) and it meant I got to eat, […]

dining out: spacca napoli

So, I’m totally, super-duper not worried AT ALL that I haven’t crossed a single thing off of the THREE 2015 foodie to-do bucket lists I posted to the whole world on this here blog. {Insert Annie slightly hyperventilating} In all honesty I’ve been so darn busy with just […]

dining out: al’s beef

I am embarrassed to admit that I had never had an Italian Beef sandwich in the 14 years I’ve been eating my way through the city of Chicago. Woopsie. So, I decided to correct this ridiculous mistake by heading to Al’s Beef to finally try out this mammoth […]