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dining out: spacca napoli

So, I’m totally, super-duper not worried AT ALL that I haven’t crossed a single thing off of the THREE 2015 foodie to-do bucket lists I posted to the whole world on this here blog.

{Insert Annie slightly hyperventilating}

In all honesty I’ve been so darn busy with just life-stuff – that’s okay for a blogger to admit, right? I’ve even bought eggplant to cook (twice!) to achieve my goal of cooking it for the first time and trying to actually like it…and I just got too busy. Argh!

Maybe one day I’ll live like Ina and spend my days tending to my herb garden and making my husband a lovely roast chicken on Friday nights, but until then the real world calls. So this Friday night, I needed a treat. My wonderful hubby, Sir Dave, suggested we hit up one of our favorite pizza joints, Spacca Napoli, 1769 W. Sunnyside St, Chicago – and despite having already had pizza for lunch – I was in! The pizza at Spacca Napoli is Neapolitan style and everything is shockingly simple but insanely fresh and delicious.

Lucky for me I got to go with this dude.


First up, we ordered the Capresa Con Bufala, as if we weren’t about about to eat enough cheese. I don’t know how in the world they got fresh tomatoes in the middle of January in Chicago that tasted like an old, fabulous, Italian woman just picked them out of her garden, but they did.


We ordered the Pizza Diavola, which is blended san marzano tomatoes, mozzerala di bufala, spicy salami, basil, Calabrian chili powder and extra virgin olive oil on their ridiculously tasty, perfectly cooked crust. It was sweet and spicy with perfect bright bursts of basil.


And of course, you can’t order just one. We also ordered the special of the night, which of course I didn’t write down the name of, oops. But it was similar to their Bianca Regina pizza, which has mozzerala di bufala, ricotta di bufala, caciotta di pecora, and extra virgin olive oil – the special also included spinach. This pizza was perfect to pair with the spicy one above – the cheese was so fresh and buttery, and the pizza was full of bold garlic flavor. So, so, good.



And last, sometimes being a foodie blogger means asking your very patient husband to take a photo of you with the very delicious cannoli you’re handed as you walk out the door…and this is what you get:





My favorite…”You got the picture, right?”


Cheers all! Go get yourself some pizza!

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