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travel blog: barcelona, spain

A travel guide for a lovely vacation to Barcelona, Spain that covers the best eats, drinks and things to do. If your first thought is – “weren’t those crazy kids just in Europe?” The answer would be yes, yes we were. But after we booked the trip to […]

travel: budapest, hungary

After we visited Italy we were off to Budapest! Our friends Dana and Shane moved there about a year ago, so while we were excited for the sight-seeing, food, and exploring, spending time with some of our closest buds made this leg of the trip extra awesome. The […]

travel: rome & venice, italy

We are back dudes! Dave and I are home from our European vacation extravaganza and we had an absolutely fantastic time. We ate SO much, we saw SO much, and we had SO much freaking fun, it’s like I’m funned out for the year. No more fun left…until […]