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dining out: markello’s baking company

I decided I wanted to be the kind of person that gets up early on Saturday mornings and walks to pick up fresh pastries to eat for breakfast. Doesn’t she sound kinda fancy and fun? LOL. Well, okay – really I had seen this bakery right up the […]

favorite eats in chicago

The lovely folks over at asked if I would write a post about some of my fave local spots to hit up in Chicago. I was excited to do so because I do use OpenTable constantly (who wants to wait!) and it meant I got to eat, […]

dining out: gt fish & oyster

Alright, I have learned my lesson. Annie, do not post long lists of somewhat complicated, time-consuming, expensive to-do’s for all to see. Yeesh, I’ve still got a long way to go on just one of my foodie bucket lists! With the year more than half over I need […]

dining out: spacca napoli

So, I’m totally, super-duper not worried AT ALL that I haven’t crossed a single thing off of the THREE 2015 foodie to-do bucket lists I posted to the whole world on this here blog. {Insert Annie slightly hyperventilating} In all honesty I’ve been so darn busy with just […]

dining out: eataly chicago

The week before hosting Thanksgiving we should all treat ourselves to a lovely night out with a wonderful meal we don’t have to cook. One of my favorite places to nosh is Eataly in Chicago. For those not familiar, it’s a huge market full of everything Italian – […]

dining out: al’s beef

I am embarrassed to admit that I had never had an Italian Beef sandwich in the 14 years I’ve been eating my way through the city of Chicago. Woopsie. So, I decided to correct this ridiculous mistake by heading to Al’s Beef to finally try out this mammoth […]

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