Dining Out

dining out: taqueria san juanito

You know that question – desert island? One food? My answer has been, and will always be tacos. And before meatloafians get all up in arms – you could technically cut up a meatloaf and make some sort of taco situation. 😀 Anyhoo, I love them because the possibilities are endless – meats, cheeses, sauces, spices, toppings, breakfast, lunch OR dinner, they’re just the best thing that’s ever happened to anyone.

Because I love tacos so much, when we moved to our new house in June one of my first to-do’s was to find my new go-to taco joint. After several meh attempts, I found THE ONE (okay well Sir Dave did, but now it’s my place). Taqueria San Juanito is the real deal.

They have the best pastor tacos I’ve ever had. The pork is perfectly seasoned and roasted on a spit which leads to unbelievable flavor. The toppings are simple with just cilantro, onions and fiery hot salsa. I’m drooling right now thinking of them. If you’re in the neighborhood, you absolutely have to give these a try!



And not only are their tacos unreal, but their chilaquiles are amazing too. Win-win! I got to sample those for brunch recently with my hunk, Sir Dave, who nearly cleaned his plate.


Check out this yumminess. Tortilla chips, cheese, eggs, chorizo, green salsa, rice, beans, sour cream – so good. It might be worth a trip to Chicago just to visit this place!


You can also give chilaquiles a go at home, as I whipped these up last spring.

Alright, I’ve got to go EAT y’all I’m hungry!

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  1. I too am a huge fan of tacos! One thing I have learned is that you can judge a restaurant by their salsa…if the salsa stinks…more than likely the rest of the food does too…we’ve saved a fortune and our taste buds by utilizing the salsa system…

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