Dining Out

dining out: markello’s baking company

I decided I wanted to be the kind of person that gets up early on Saturday mornings and walks to pick up fresh pastries to eat for breakfast. Doesn’t she sound kinda fancy and fun? LOL. Well, okay – really I had seen this bakery right up the street that looked a lot like the amazing ones we had seen in Mexico City where you grab a tray and load it up with pastries, cookies and more.

So despite the 49 degrees, rain, and 40 mph winds that were rocking Chicago yesterday, I put on my galoshes and headed on out to Markello’s Baking Company.

It was such a feast for the eyes in there, freshly glazed donuts, cookies, torta bread, danishes and pastries galore! Nothing was really labeled, so I just wung it? Winged it? You get it. I grabbed six delicious looking sweet treats and headed to checkout. $5.37. For all of this. WHAT.

I hurried home with my haul – and yes this was all for just Dave and I. So what. 😀 The cheese danish was out of this world, and the concha was fabulous. Everything was so yummy, I already can’t wait to go back next weekend and keep sampling until I’ve tried everything.

I also hear they have tamales and churros, hell yes. What a neighborhood gem – definitely check it out if you’re in the area!

Love, the fancy + fun lady. ❤

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