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lemon + parmesan baked tilapia

Happy Monday y’all! How has everyone’s summer been going? Mine has been busy, busy, busy. We’ve been doing a lot of work in the backyard, have been giving the new kitty lots of love, and have had so many fun friend + neighbor hangs. AND we saw The Pretenders, Journey and Def Leppard play Wrigley Field this past Saturday. It was EVERYTHING! Ah! Seriously loving this summer. <3 {but I am also counting down the days to Halloween, of course.}

So, since we’ve been so busy with our summer fun, I’ve been looking for fast recipes to cook on weeknights. I’ve been surprisingly fearful of cooking fish as one traumatizing very stinky burnt to the pan white fish situation from college still haunts me. So I’m starting pretty simple with this crazy easy baked tilapia. It’s so quick to make and is packed full of fresh bold flavor. Sir Dave raved about it, so I made it just a few days later again for my gals night, and everyone loved it. This one will be in heavy rotation!

Cook time: 20 Minutes
Servings: 3

1 lb tilapia, typically 3 filets
juice of two lemons
1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan or grana padano
1/4 cup italian style breadcrumbs
1 tbs fresh parsley
1 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp fresh cracked pepper

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Set out two large bowls. Squeeze the juice of the lemons into one bowl, and add the parmesan, breadcrumbs, parsley, lemon pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper into the other bowl; mix well.

Spray a large baking dish with non-stick spray. Then dip the tilapia one by one into the lemon juice then into the breadcrumb mixture ensuring both sides are well-coated and place in the baking dish.

Cook for 20 minutes until the coating is slightly golden and the fish is flaky. Enjoyed best outside on a nice summer night. Cheers!

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