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pot roast over egg noodles with gravy

This is one of my favorite recipes to make during the winter. I have been tossing different ingredients into this recipe for years and have finally landed on my favorite combination – lucky you, see below!


3 – 3.5 lb chuck roast
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can beef consomme
2 minced large garlic cloves
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper
1 chopped sweet onion
1 1/2 cup baby carrots (or chopped carrots)
1 cup frozen peas w/ pearl onions
1 bag large egg noodles

For Gravy:
3 cups stock/soup from crock pot
1 tbs minced onion
3 tbs butter
2 tbs flour

Place roast, carrots and chopped onions in a crock pot on low. Then mix together the 2 cans of soup with the garlic, thyme, salt & pepper.


Pour the mixture over the meat into the crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours, throwing in the frozen peas about 30 minutes before serving.


When the roast is about done, boil water (salted and with a dash of olive oil) to cook the pasta to al dente. Then, while the pasta is cooking, start the gravy. And don’t think you can’t make gravy – thanks to some tips from Queen Ina, I’ve learned it’s really easy following the process and ratios below:

#1. First remove 3 cups of the stock/soup mixture from the crock pot, and set aside. Heat a pan to medium with 2 tbs of butter, then add the tablespoon of minced onion and cook for just a minute.
#2. Add 2 tbs flour to the butter and onion mixture, whisk together and cook for another 2 minutes, whisking constantly.
#3. Add 3 cups of the cooking liquid taken from the crock pot, whisking constantly over medium heat for about 5 minutes until thickened and silky looking.
#4. Don’t forget another final tablespoon of butter (YOLO). Also taste it here – add more salt or pepper if needed.

Once the pasta is cooked to al dente, drain and toss with 1 tbs of butter (I know, more butter). To serve, top the egg noodles with healthy-Midwestern sized chunks of pot roast and veggies, then drizzle with the delicious gravy you just made and should be super proud of. EAT.

*Dave made that delicious looking bread. This having a husband who loves to make homemade bread is REALLY working out nicely.

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