cilantro & jalepeno cream cheese bagel with tomato

Once again my addiction to carbs, spiciness and cheese has led me to a new cream cheese concoction for my toasty morning bagel. This is by no means earth-shattering recipe sharing, but I did once see Ina pour almonds into a silver bowl and claim it was an appetizer, so I’m running with it.


1 package cream cheese
2 tbs chopped jalepeno (I left seeds in for some ZIP!)
1/4 cup cilantro (I just ripped off a handful)
Favorite bagels (I say go everything or go home)

Just throw all that jazz (minus the bagel of course, you silly goose) into the food processor and pulse until bright green and well combined. Schmear all that goodness on a toasted bagel and get ready for a little kick in the morning. I threw on some fresh cherry tomatoes to increase the YUM factor. Get at this!


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