my three favorite sandwiches

Woopsie daisy. I just realized I created a list of my favorite sandwiches and there is not a meatloaf sandwich in the bunch. That’ll be on my to-do list for this winter, YUM. In the meantime I wanted to share some of my go-to yummy sammiches that I make all the time for Sir Dave and I. All are super easy to throw together and will not disappoint in the flavor department.

#1 Egg Salad with Avocado on an Everything Bagel
Love, love, LOVE this sammy. Obviously easy to make – my egg salad is just eggs, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper – simple and tasty. I throw it on a toasty everything bagel and top with a super ripe avocado. And yes, it’s impossible to eat without everything toppling out of the other side, but it’s worth the mess.


#2 Italian Sub
My mouth is watering just thinking about this sandwich! We get fresh french bread, slather both sides with mayo (no low-fat mayo please and thank you very much) and layer on provolone, salami, prosciutto, capicola, tomatoes, crisp romaine, a little salt and pepper, and finish off with a splash of olive oil and white wine vinegar. Hands down this is better than any Italian sub I’ve ordered out.


#3 Grilled Cheese with Hot Giardiniera
I make this at least once a week. I use straight up white bread, real butter, slices of cheddar, swiss and a decent helping of delicious hot giardiniera. Love the spicy kick in this grilled cheese – it’ll clear out your sinuses!


Well, I showed you mine, now you show me yours! What’s your favorite sandwich for a Sunday afternoon?

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