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dining out: mixteco grill

This is a post that nearly didn’t make it. Sir Dave and I have lived close to Mixteco Grill for years and had visited several times with each time being enjoyable – but not in the OMG bucket. Because of that we took a breather from going back for a bit.

Then winter showed up in Chicago. Cold, gross, snowy, grumpy winter. The thought of travelling far or hopping in a cab was just not an option on a recent date night, so we thought maybe it was time (and super convenient) to give Mixteco another go.

Since it’s BYOB (love that) we picked up some Modelo and headed on over. We snagged a cozy window seat and settled in for what turned out to be one of our favorite meals in recent memory. A big ole’ woopsie daisy on taking that break!


Let’s get to the good stuff – we started with the Quesos Fundidos, which was melted monterey Jack and chihuahua cheeses with Norteño poblano rajas and chorizo. WHY AM I NOT EATING THIS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOREVER? I mean, wow. This is one of those seemingly simple dishes that totally surprised us with its deliciousness. While all the flavors are somewhat subtle on their own, the combination in a warm tortilla is addicting. It will be a must-order for all future visits.



We also ordered the Uchepos Gratinados, which was two corn tamales with creamy poblano sauce, monterey jack cheese and esquites. The tamale breading was much sweeter than I had experienced before but it was perfection against the slightly tangy poblano sauce and creamy, salty cheese filling. Next time, I don’t want to share with Dave!



For an entree, Dave ordered the Carne Asada – wood grilled ribeye steak, served with aguachile sauce, black beans and grilled green onions. While I only snuck a bite of the steak, it was cooked and seasoned perfectly and Dave has already ordered again since we’ve gone back.


I ordered the Enchiladas en Mole Negro – tortillas filled with chicken and doused in a complex black mole, garnished with onion, cilantro and radishes and topped with cheese. It was out of this world. The mole was perfectly rich and was somehow both sweet and savory. This dish is now up there in one of my all time favorites.


And of course, while the food was fantastic it was also great to be able to spend a fun night with Sir Dave on our 14th anniversary! Where has the time gone?! <3

Sir Dave

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